Driving Under The Influence Law

driving under the influence law
What constitutes an "emergency" in the eyes of British law on drink driving?

I do not drive, but I read somewhere party in exceptional emergency situations, they can "get away" with driving under the influence of alcohol. I wonder what these situations emergency would be? For example, your wife is giving birth and you have to get to a hospital? One person suffered a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention and take it to a hospital? His life is in danger (is seriously threatened by another person, for example) and you have to make a quick getaway, using your car? If you know of any case, even cases that shed light on this, please respond accordingly! Thanks! 🙂

I think Bob is right. In almost all situations you can think of the court to reach a solution. The only possibility I can think of is coercion. A kidnapper called the sober driver in the head so is unconscious and then force the passenger, which is above the limit, to drive the car, while he, the kidnapper, continues to carry his weapon. Maybe I've been seeing a lot of thrillers in recent times.

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