DUI Defense Attorneys

dui defense attorneys
Ok Im going to try this again..?

What is the average fee for a defense attorney for a dui – first offense..florida state.
ok .. well i spent 2500 on one … is that about right.?
Mutt: yes i do – i wondered if i paid less than others b/c i could of done what she did without her. I have a 1st offense dui – and she was to try to drop it to a reckless… no go said the judge – so i postponed it … I cant believe i cant cop a plea while having a lawyer..
Thanks for your edit =)

Call around and ask. If you need a lawyer, a “average” price is not going to help you. Their fees vary a lot, depending on how good they are.

*EDIT* – The real question is: Do you feel he/she was worth it? Did he/she help get the charges dropped, or did it make no difference. Is it too high of a price is up to you. Do you think you could have received the same results with someone that charged half the amount?

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Dui Penalty

dui penalty
pena de ofensa primeiro marrijuana e dui por uma classe criminoso d?

5 anos atrás, foi acusado de d poss classe de sub controlada não marjiuana recentemente foi acusado de Dui 1 e 1 marjiuana posse sob onças na ky.

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