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Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) are serious offenses in most countries.  This is due to the fact that people who drive when they have been drinking are more likely to cause accidents and harmful injury to others than people who have not been drinking.   In the United States, studies have shown that 39 percent of vehicle related deaths involve drivers who have been drinking on some form or other.

While driving under the influence and DWI is not a laughing matter, sometimes people find themselves in situations where they may be either rightfully or wrongfully accused of driving while intoxicated.  If a person is taken into custody as a result of the suspicion they are unable to drive a vehicle because they are intoxicated, then they will most likely have to appear in court. In these situations, it is important to retain a DWI attorney who can work on your behalf in the courtroom

Why is this necessary?  Well, for one, in most countries, anyone who is convicted of injuring or killing somebody while impaired by alcohol or drugs can be heavily fined, as in France, in addition to being given a lengthy prison sentence. Numerous states within the U.S. have adopted tough sentencing laws that enforce strict guidelines on sentencing. For example, if a defendant is sentenced to fifteen years, he or she will be in prison for that entire time which is very different from the general guidelines that reduce or suspend sentences of convicted felons after a case has come to trial and has been completed.

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Many of these laws apply to boating, piloting an aircraft, cycling, and even riding a horse or driving a horse-drawn vehicle as well as to automobiles.  Depending on the where the offense has occurred, it may be referred to as a DWI offense – driving while intoxicated; DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; OWI – operating while intoxicated; OMVI – operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated; DUII – driving under intense influence; OVI – operating a vehicle while impaired; DWAI – driving while ability impaired.  Different jurisdictions also have different penalties depending on the offense.  Those penalties may be so severe that the entire citizenry takes note of it in such a way, as in the U.K., that a designated driver is the norm for all adults, young and old, who participate in group activities that involve alcohol.
There are various mistakes that many people make when they have been arrested for a DUI or DWI offense.  Many times people do not take the allegations seriously. In most states, DUI or DWI is a very serious charge. It can be a misdemeanor or felony and can result in jail or prison time and a permanent criminal record.

A lot of people fail to talk to a DUI defense attorney. Many people do not realize that there is something wrong in their case, due to plead guilty without a lawyer who specializes in DWI cases.

Folks also many times hire the cheapest lawyer around. A good lawyer is not cheap, and cheap lawyers are cheap for a reason.
Some people also do not to exercise their rights. You have the right to counsel. Use it. You have the right to remain silent. Use that as well. You have the right to plead not guilty. Do not waive your rights without the advice of an attorney experienced in DUI defense to protect your interests.

I do not understand why people do this, but some times people do not appear in court. Ignoring a criminal case such as a DWI does not make it go away. In fact, this may result in an arrest warrant, a suspended license and in some states, additional criminal charges for failing to appear may apply.

People should not listen to non-lawyers about your case. Just because someone managed to get themselves out of a bind does not mean they an expert in criminal law and DUI. Many people sabotage their cases and their chance for a good outcome by listening to the sudo lawyers and friends who have seen it before. Your friend may have had broken wrist, but that does not make him a surgeon, right?

Folks may also miss the deadline for the hearing on the license. In most states, after a drunk driving arrest, your license will be suspended, after a certain number of days, unless you or your attorney requests a DMV hearing. If you skip this, no amount of begging or pleading can save your license. Act before it is too late.

Why some people do not take a out-of-state’s DUI seriously is beyond me.. Many people are arrested and charged with offenses such as DWI, while on business or vacation. It is tempting to go home and forget about it. They do not because in many cases, you could be arrested and extradited to the state they were arrested and / or a hold may be placed on your license until you take care of it. It is common for people who “ran” for having to deal with a DUI case that is 10 years old when they realize that the statute of limitations generally does not apply if you are a fugitive and can not be hired and without valid license.
So, take my advice, if you are in a situation where there is a moving violation and alcohol or drugs is involved, seek a good attorney who can help you with your case.

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