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New DWI Laws

DWI in New Jersey – the reality, not an exact law? I know I can find all the charges, etc, but a lawyer is always different every I'm thinking. This person rang at 0.23 and has 20 years, the DWI ticket and destroyed. Do not hit anything or cause any damage. "How long can the […]

Sneaky Trick to Breathalyzer in CA

Police Take Covert Breath Samples to Detect Dui Police are sneaking samples of your breath to detect DUI According to a law firm of San Diego DUI Lawyers and Drunk Driving Attorneys, there’s a hidden breath testing device being used on unsuspecting drivers who are being involuntarily tested for DUI. That’s right. This is no […]

DWI Penalties

Know What You Are Facing! There Is A Difference Between A Minnesota 3rd Degree DWI Or A 1st Or 2nd Degree Charge. FREE MINNESOTA DWI CASE EVALUATION Facing DWI charges in Minnesota can be a frightening experience. Potential jail time or fines could be the penalty assessed against you. This is particularly true if you […]

Consequences Of DUI

What are the consequences for driving without a license because of a DUI? I got caught with a DUI last year near Sacramento and I got cited for driving without a license about 2 months ago and I am awaiting court for it. What are the possible consequences for it. I got caught in San […]


Qualities Of A DUI Lawyer It is estimated that alcohol is the cause in 39 percent of vehicle related accidents. It makes for 44 percent of traffic related fatalities in the United States alone. Anyone who is found guilty of killing or injuring someone while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is punishable […]

Arrested For DUI

Orlando DUI Law DUI offenses are more than just ordinary criminal offenses. DUI/DWI laws can be very complex, which means that it is best dealt with by a legal expert if you want to successfully appeal against the charge and get it dismissed. DUI charges are usually based on a person’s BAC or blood alcohol […]

DWI Misdemeanor

Reading Between the Lines of the New New York DWI Law Yesterday I was first up in Ithaca City Court (first come first served), with four DWI cases in various stages of disposition. Judge Rossiter began the morning by announcing to a full Courtroom (240 cases on her docket) about the new New York Drunk […]

2nd DUI

What happens if you’re a junior enlisted in the military and you get your 2nd DUI? I’m fighting a possible 2nd DUI with the local Police department. I was wondering the outcome on my career if i’m convicted? A 2nd DUI may or may not lead to you being administratively separated. Its really up to […]

DWI New York State Laws

Felony DWI. What if I leave state? Hi guys, I got a second offense DWI (Felony) a couple weeks ago. I am currently out on bail. I was wondering if I left state, what would happen? Would I be able to get a driver license in another state? And just be a fugitive of New […]

Fines Law

I Was Charged With a Dwi With a Suspended License – What Sentence Will I Expect? If you have been charged with a DWI with a suspended license, you can generally expect a stiff sentence. In most states this means a mandatory jail sentence, and certainly needs the skills of a dedicated DWI lawyer. The […]