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Dwi Refusal

Legal question about a charge of DWI? The police stopped me (I think it was a prison) for alleged DWI. I had to breathe at the station. Two times were not recorded and was told again it was a automatic negative. Then asked me to do a blood test instead. They agreed and went to […]

Driving Under The Influence Law

What constitutes an "emergency" in the eyes of British law on drink driving? I do not drive, but I read somewhere party in exceptional emergency situations, they can "get away" with driving under the influence of alcohol. I wonder what these situations emergency would be? For example, your wife is giving birth and you have […]

Driving While Intoxicated Law

State bans texting while driving Bill 243, which imposed a state ban on texting while driving heat has been recovering since its introduction in the Legislative Assembly 82. But all that changed when lawmakers approved the project after much deliberation in the Sunday night. DUI Rising Blood: Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated, Torrance […]

Driving Under The Influence

When speaking under the influence is more important than driving under the influence? Why is everybody making a big deal about Mel Gibson rant under the influence? It is more important that he was driving under the influence. (80 in an area I could care less what he said. His actions could killing someone, […]

Criminal Law

What is the legal term of punishment in criminal law? If punitive damages related to the punishment in civil law what you call punishment in criminal law? I am writing in response to a question and I do not mean something that is criminal punisher prison time. I would say that, in criminal law _________ […]

Beat A Dwi

How to Beat a DUI | 40 Ways to Beat a DUI | Illinois DUI Attorney

Driving While Intoxicated

Woman suspected of drunken driving crashes in the official car RICHARDSON – A woman suspected of drunken driving crashed her car into the patrol officer on Wednesday morning, Richardson police said. The incident occurred when the officer was sitting in his car on the shoulder of the road around 12:30 on Wednesday Central Expressway in […]

Dwi Penalties

4 Penalties third DUI in North Carolina get a person? My brother just got his third DUI / DWI here in North Carolina. The other inmates in prison, said he was looking at 18-22 months' imprisonment. He had one of those things that on the car, but had. This was the third in about 6yrs […]

Dwi Cases

Defending Drug under the influence and DWI cases involving blood

Dui First Offense

Does anyone have a first DUI offense in California 21 years … How do you end up paying? Got a DUI and I have 21 is my first (and last) and I need the money and I am very concerned that people are telling me it will be super expensive … I just wanted to […]