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Dwi Offense

DWI first offense what’s gonna happen? Hey i got charged with a DWI this weekend and it was my first offense. I blew a .14 at the station and stayed there all night. I have court in a month and I have never been pulled over or arrested for anything. I am a senior in […]

Drunk Driving Lawyer

I just was charged with Drunk Driving in Princeton, NJ. I blew a .09 on the BAC. I only had 6 drinks.? I wasn’t hurting anyone and didn’t crash. Why is there a law against this if no one is harmed. I can understand if I had hit someone or crashed into a car or […]

Violation Law

Is the State of California Law against Illegal Aliens a violation of Federal Law? For years The State of California has had a law against Illegal Aliens. If the Arizona Law against Illegal Aliens is a violation of Federal Law does that mean that The State of California Law against Illegal Aliens is also a […]

Drunk Driving Attorney

Can be a lawyer with a criminal record? I have a permit to drive drunk and the battery on my record, both misdemeanors, and both of Utah. I have planned to attend law school next year in New York, and practice. I have a problem? NY know about my record? Do they worry about crime? […]

Dwi Attorneys

A DUI in Tennessee or in any other state is a serious offense. It can have a negative impact on your job, family, and privilege to drive. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney will have a major impact on how your DUI is resolved. A experienced DUI attorney that has several years of Criminal and DUI […]

Probation Law

Can you answer no when asked if convicted of a misdemeanor once probation is completed under CA law? I seem to remember that being pointed out to me by my lawyer several years ago, he even gave me the number that refwered to it but I cant seem to find it. Anyone know how that […]

Dui Process

If I weren’t a Seattle DUI attorney, I probably wouldn’t know much, if anything, about the criminal justice process. I haven’t been in much trouble before (I got a minor in possession of alcohol when I was a kid, but other than that have been in no trouble) and wouldn’t have seen the inside of […]

Dwi Law Firms

Fort Wayne DUI Attorney Indiana Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Allen County DWI Law Firm

Licence Law

creative commons licence can i sell the finished product from a pattern i purchased under this law? i purchased a crochet pattern from the internet and when i got the pattern which i paid for it said it’s under creative commons non commercial 3.0 licence does this mean i can sell the finished product? And […]

Fine Law

Is it true that birth control is government law in China? What is the fine for breaking the law and having? more than 2 children? Yes there is legislation in China governing birth control. In 2002 China passed the “Law on Population and Birth Planning” But first a little background. China devised the “One Child […]