Attorney At Law

attorney at law
Is there any state where you car take the bar exam (attorney at law ) with out going to law school?

It seems to me that if I can pass exam I should be able to practice law with out going to law school since legal questions are usually researched not committed to memory.

There are several states where you can still do it the old fashioned way: an apprenticeship. These include California, Maine, New York, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, and Wyoming. You still must pass the bar exam though. The length of the apprenticeship varies by state.

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Super Extreme Dui

super extreme dui
DUI situation in Arizona?

I wonder if anyone knows what is going to happen in this case.

My roommate Shawn got a super extreme DUI in May of this year. He was sentenced to the standard 90 days in work release, which he completed in the beginning of October. After that, he was jobless and moved back to California. He has never changed his address so it still says he lives at my place. He has not paid any of his monthly fines and he has not gotten the interlock device installed, instead he just fled to California. I am moving and he wants to be able to still use my new address, so the Arizona courts stull think he is here. I told him no way and plan to cut contact with him by the new year.

Just curious as to what trouble he is going to face when he gets pulled over for a traffic ticket in California? I know Maricopa County won’t forget but will they issue a warrant and if so, could he face new charges?

Thanks – check these plans. As I know their rates for bad driving record is not such expensive as from other companies.

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Insurance Law

insurance law
Looking for resources on starting an insurance defense law practice?

I have an existing law practice (solo with two associates) providing a General Practice. I’m thinking of trying to incorporate some insurance defense work into my practice. I understand that I will then not be able to accept most personal injury cases (which currently represent about 20% of my revenue). I would appreciate any suggestions to any books or other resources that I can go to to try to learn as much as I can about the insurance defense business to help determine if this is something I should continue to explore.

I guess you would be defending the insurance companies customer by taking cases where someone sues the customer.

Then the insurance company would hire you to defend the customer. Is that right? That is part of the policy in the auto, homeowers, business owners and umbrella policy.

This is a little out of the area for most insurance agents. You might repost in a different category. Insurance agents see the claim but do not get that much into the details of how it is defended in court.

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Reckless Driving

reckless driving
What happens if I can’t pay my court fine for reckless driving cause I am leaving the country?

I was arrested for a DUI but it got reduced to reckless driving, my court date to finalise things are in 2 weeks but I am leaving the US to go back to my home country in a month, what happens if I dont have the money to pay the fine or if i dont have enough time to complete my community service?
Please any one know the answer to this…BTW im in the state of Georgia – Roswell… Please help!

Try a short stay in the county jail instead.

Reckless Driving Kills, Simple.

Dwi Help

dwi help
What a time DWI offender-4 in Texas?

A friend of mine just got his fourth offense of DWI in Texas, while on parole of his previous conviction. What is the minimum or maximum penalty? He obviously needs rehabilitation, but what we do to take the next steps? Any lawyers for help or advice?

The third sentence of ten years and the subsequent conviction is a felony of the third grade. 3 felony punishment is not less than 2 years and not more than 10. After being convicted of a crime can now be increased to three of a second offense, which is 20.2 years and a fine can be 10 000 for each grade of offense. While on probation, now passed, and will serve out the remainder of that sentence too. Has just been convicted or charged? If he was not in court, however, there is always a possibility that his lawyer could make a plea agreement. If convicted or provision is not reason not to avoid arrest I see at least a period of 180 days of shock. Need a lawyer and I would not go to a lawyer.

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Criminal Law Attorney

criminal law attorney
What should I major to enter law school?

I want to go to college at Mount St. Joseph in Ohio, Indiana University and the University Purdue. I wonder what I should major in these places to enter law school. I searched Google and found that it is good to major in pre-established right. Is this true? Does not that colleges that? Should I major in philosophy and minors in business? What classes should I take? Should I double major? Please examples of what to do for each site. Oh, and I want to be a lawyer, criminal law, family law attorney or a medical malpractice attorney.

Most important persons in political science and / or law. However, it is probably important in philosophy, if your main goal is to do well in the past. The main philosophy is helpful but not necessary for LAST preparation. dense reading material, reading and making logical arguments, arguments dissection of course, is based on formal logic, elderly, etc. tend to do much philosophy better than the average respondent (and much better than political science Aging and the Law of Pre-): Physical math.html However, as you will learn from his latest preparations, the correlation does not guarantee causation. Perhaps the type of people who tend to graduate in philosophy and have the ability / capacity to do well. As I said, who specializes (Or classes) in philosophy does not solve the problem, probably more than you specialize in something like political science. Choose what you like, however. You can prepare to launch a super-high score, regardless of major or classes (even underwater basket weaving, while still a GPA of 4.0 on course of study adcomms not impressed.) You can major in anything for admission, but as I said, philosophy can better prepare the themes of political science and many others.

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Penalties For Drunk Driving

penalties for drunk driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is undeniably a global problem. Many preventive measures are taken to prevent the act, but huge losses are used by each state an impediment. The question is: do they work?

There are two ways of drunk driving from a legal perspective, but really only one way of thinking the process complete. The two types are DUI and DWI. DUI means driving with an alcohol content in blood of 0.08 percent or more. This is known as direct self drunk same. DWI, however, does not require the 0.08 percent figure. You can drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.05, but still charged for driving affected if the officer concerned believes that his driving was affected. In truth, but really comes down to is your ability to control a car and making decisions is affected.

A number of prevention activities are designed to deter drunk drivers. Ranging from business information public transmission horror stories of failures and public display of police checkpoints. Logically, everything makes sense, as a deterrent, but there is a problem. By definition, a person who has been playing for adult beverages all night not to make logical decisions. Government programs use the concept of fear of addressing this issue.

Fear is a great motivator. One of our basic emotional states. State governments know that and disorders related to drunk driving, up sentences. If convicted of DUI, faces a nightmarish series of sanctions. First, you pay big money for a lawyer, then you will to pay fines and, perhaps, the cost of counseling. Depending on the state, you may end up sitting in jail for one month to one year. That means losing your job, and probably go bankrupt because they can not pay the bills. No I will not mention the car insurance will ultimately cost you!

Therefore, these sanctions really work? Everything indicates that they do. More 26,000 people were killed in 1982 due to alcohol related accidents. This amount is approximately to 60 percent of all traffic fatalities. 25 years after "only" a little more than 15,000 people died in related deaths alcohol, about 37 percent of all deaths caused by traffic accidents. The number 15000 is even more exciting when you figure in the fact that the population grew dramatically during this period.

Drunk driving is not eradicated, unless you return to the idea of Prohibition. Nobody wants to do, severe penalties should be the biggest obstacle.

Dirk Gibson writes about drinking and driving facts for the aftermarket car parts site –

Drunk Drivers Will Be Facing Tough Penalties Starting 4/2/08