Monthly Archives: February 2011

Attorney At Law

Is there any state where you car take the bar exam (attorney at law ) with out going to law school? It seems to me that if I can pass exam I should be able to practice law with out going to law school since legal questions are usually researched not committed to memory. There […]

Super Extreme Dui

DUI situation in Arizona? I wonder if anyone knows what is going to happen in this case. My roommate Shawn got a super extreme DUI in May of this year. He was sentenced to the standard 90 days in work release, which he completed in the beginning of October. After that, he was jobless and […]

Insurance Law

Looking for resources on starting an insurance defense law practice? I have an existing law practice (solo with two associates) providing a General Practice. I’m thinking of trying to incorporate some insurance defense work into my practice. I understand that I will then not be able to accept most personal injury cases (which currently represent […]

Reckless Driving

What happens if I can’t pay my court fine for reckless driving cause I am leaving the country? I was arrested for a DUI but it got reduced to reckless driving, my court date to finalise things are in 2 weeks but I am leaving the US to go back to my home country in […]

Dwi Help

What a time DWI offender-4 in Texas? A friend of mine just got his fourth offense of DWI in Texas, while on parole of his previous conviction. What is the minimum or maximum penalty? He obviously needs rehabilitation, but what we do to take the next steps? Any lawyers for help or advice? The third […]

Criminal Law Attorney

What should I major to enter law school? I want to go to college at Mount St. Joseph in Ohio, Indiana University and the University Purdue. I wonder what I should major in these places to enter law school. I searched Google and found that it is good to major in pre-established right. Is this […]

Penalties For Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is undeniably a global problem. Many preventive measures are taken to prevent the act, but huge losses are used by each state an impediment. The question is: do they work? There are two ways of drunk driving from a legal perspective, but really only one way of thinking the […]