Dui Charges

dui charges

First, you should know that the charges are DUI and criminal charges, if convicted, whether they live the rest of his life as a convicted felon. When you are found guilty, they may lose all your future. Why you may ask? You lose your job, your license, and reputation. If you must go to prison, after your boss does not save a place for when you return fire him and hire someone else. Your driving license can be suspended between 6 months and permanently, also lose your vehicle and you will always be known as a convicted felon. I hope that these reasons are sufficient to realize the importance of hiring a DUI attorney.

DUI lawyers at put in a lot of time in gathering evidence for you. You will also need time to find and interview witnesses to help appropriate. DUI cases in criminal cases are considered, not a battery of tests will be conducted throughout the trial and his lawyer knows them all. If you really get a lawyer who specializes in DUI offenses, you'd better know how all the tricks of the trade. Your attorney will present all the different types of scientific, evidence and things that he knew he had a court order to get their charges dropped or give him a reduced sentence. They will also receive medical experts and other professionals, to testify on his behalf. Also investigate the case from the time they were detained to ensure that their rights were not violated by the police. Also wonders why he stopped first, to ensure that he was not asked by the police because of their age, race or religion.

His experience with the judges, Prosecutors and police will help them go through the red tape around the case, so know the facts quickly. His relationship with the judge and the prosecutor allowed negotiate a better deal for you. Upon receiving an experienced lawyer will be updated with any changes in DUI laws in the course and know the best way defend in court.

When you are arrested for DUI, your license will be suspended. Your vehicle will also be seized and for each day that passes in Lot of seizure, you will have to bear the costs. A good DUI attorney will be able to defend the DMV hearing so do not lose your car or your right to drive. Imagine that your license is revoked, even for at least six months and having to rely on public transport to get around. I did not think an ideal, right?

Unless you are qualified and experienced when it comes to charges of DUI, then by all means they can defend themselves in court. If you lack the experience, skills and knowledge, the better we leave to the experts. Hire a lawyer and you can rest assured knowing that you will be well defended in court.

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DUI Consequences

dui consequences
Soldier (Army) arrested for cocaine possession, DUI and hit and run. What are the consequences?

A friend of mine who is in the Army was arrested for DUI and said he was involved in a hit and run. No injuries were reported, only minor damage. And in a separate event, the City police who arrived at the apartment complex (off base) and said they found a gram of cocaine on your property or vehicle, but not on drugs at all, and obviously, it can be proven because drug testing was done for the Army. There were some other people around who did not know very well and are thinking it was theirs. He was arrested for possession of cocaine. What are the consequences you might face? He said he has to go through the normal judicial system … I thought the military has a special court for soldiers? Will you have mercy for his current position in the army or he could still go to jail? Could Army be expelled?

It is civil FUBAR'd go with it, then the military away with it. And this is not considered final. Vet-USAF

DUI Consequences

DWI Defense

dwi defense
my friend was arrested for dwi –but not driving?

we are worried about this and are looking for help with a defense.

my friend was having his car test driven by a man my friend was the passenger
on the highway the car was in a accident
when they pulled over the man driving fled.
my friend was left standing there alone behind his car and the other car left also—there are no witnesses.

when the police showed up he was arrested for dwi but the next day at the bail hearing it was dismissed for lack of probable cause.

now the case has been reopened

what will happen to my friend?

there are no witnesses and police did not see him driving

Your friend did not know the man who was driving the car? DUH….

All your friend has to do fill out a police report giving the details and the name of the guy driving the car. Unless the cops have some evidence to the contrary then it is your friend’s word vs guesses by the cops.

Your friend does not sound too bright.

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Dwi Convictions

dwi convictions
How can I confirm that as past DWI conviction has fallen off my record?

I received a DWI in 1999. I’m currently applying for a job that will do a back ground check and I would know to know if my DWI conviction will show up when they do the back ground check or not.

Your record will show you were arrested for DWI in 1999. Convictions do not go away.

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Best DUI Lawyer

best dui lawyer
dui lawyers which looks to be the best?

which of these seem like the best choice for a dui lawyer to represent me in court?






You won’t know anything until you actually talk to them. Also, different lawyers charge rates. Here in AZ it can range from $1,500 to $ 10,000. I’ve known people who pay the high end and get ‘the max’ and I know someone who got a PD and it got dropped way way down. It all depends on the circumstances of the violation and arrest.
Again, a website isn’t going to tell you much, call for a consultation.

Good Luck.

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Dui Consequences

dui consequences
How much trouble have you gotten into for DUI?

I got a DUI citation in Pennsylvania and it is my first offense. I am going to court next month. I am nervous about what might happen. Can anyone tell me what has happened to them or someone they know regarding the consequences of a DUI? There was no traffic accident, no other vehicles involved.

I have never received a DUI, but I do know people that have. It is a very serious matter. Depending on the judge you get, and other items on your record, you may get lucky and have it reduced to reckless driving, or you may have to pay a very heavy fine. I really doubt that you would be looking at jail time for a first time offense.

Get yourself a lawyer to help you out. And, please, please, please learn from this, and don’t do it again. Next time, you could have an accident, and may even kill someone.

DUI Consequences

Drunk Driving Lawyer

drunk driving lawyer
My brother killed a friend of the family in a drunk driving accident. What can he expect & how can i help him?

I just found out today that my brother was involved in a drunk driving accident. He was driving and a friend of the family was riding with him. They both had been drinking and regreadably the friend died.
He is now in police costudy the accident happened in Oregon does anybody have any advice on what i can do to help him out and what to expect in regards to how many years in jail he can expect if any, how much a lawyer woulde cost. if you have any advice or comments please reply

Sorry, I don’t help drunk drivers.

I only give tips where to throw the key.

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Misdemeanor Attorney

misdemeanor attorney
I would like to ask an attorney a question about a misdemeanor assault charge on me?

charges are being made against me. A person builed a porch for me and didnt do it right per city inspectors. So i didnt pay her all her money. On Dec. 9,2006 She came to my house with a hammer talking real crazy threaten me and turn it around like I threaten her and file charges on me. I tried to file charges on her but the police said snice she filed first I couldnt. Now im facing trumped up charges on me when in fact it should be the other way around. Do you think I need to pay a private lawyer to handle this or keep the public defender to get me off? We both exchange words toward one another but no punches was passed.

If it didn’t pass inspection you are totaly in the right.I’d at least talk to a lawer.

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