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Dui Charges

First, you should know that the charges are DUI and criminal charges, if convicted, whether they live the rest of his life as a convicted felon. When you are found guilty, they may lose all your future. Why you may ask? You lose your job, your license, and reputation. If you must go to prison, […]

DUI Consequences

Soldier (Army) arrested for cocaine possession, DUI and hit and run. What are the consequences? A friend of mine who is in the Army was arrested for DUI and said he was involved in a hit and run. No injuries were reported, only minor damage. And in a separate event, the City police who arrived […]

DWI Defense

my friend was arrested for dwi –but not driving? we are worried about this and are looking for help with a defense. my friend was having his car test driven by a man my friend was the passenger on the highway the car was in a accident when they pulled over the man driving fled. […]

Dwi Convictions

How can I confirm that as past DWI conviction has fallen off my record? I received a DWI in 1999. I’m currently applying for a job that will do a back ground check and I would know to know if my DWI conviction will show up when they do the back ground check or not. […]

DUI Law Firm

Arizona DUI Lawyer

DWI Conviction

Would you rather elect a politician with a DWI conviction or a Murder conviction? neather. 30 year old uncounseled DWI Conviction could not enhance jail State v Binkiewicz

Best DUI Lawyer

dui lawyers which looks to be the best? which of these seem like the best choice for a dui lawyer to represent me in court? You won’t know anything until you actually talk to them. Also, different lawyers charge rates. Here in AZ it can range from $1,500 to $ […]

Dui Consequences

How much trouble have you gotten into for DUI? I got a DUI citation in Pennsylvania and it is my first offense. I am going to court next month. I am nervous about what might happen. Can anyone tell me what has happened to them or someone they know regarding the consequences of a DUI? […]

Drunk Driving Lawyer

My brother killed a friend of the family in a drunk driving accident. What can he expect & how can i help him? I just found out today that my brother was involved in a drunk driving accident. He was driving and a friend of the family was riding with him. They both had been […]

Misdemeanor Attorney

I would like to ask an attorney a question about a misdemeanor assault charge on me? charges are being made against me. A person builed a porch for me and didnt do it right per city inspectors. So i didnt pay her all her money. On Dec. 9,2006 She came to my house with a […]