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DWI Offense

LA just got the first-offense DWI, no registration, full-time student, you now have a temporary license, but for 30 days only? I screwed, so I'm not getting a lawyer, but I have to do to get a license to difficulties in school and then work? I am very new to this crime, and from what […]

Law Firms

I graduated in Law from the University of India.Where can find jobs in law firms abroad? I graduated in Law India.Where University can find jobs in law firms abroad? Be is a site with a real person (imagine that) assigned to search the Internet for $ 100 new jobs in the specialized area of […]

Dwi Arrests

Braylon Edwards released following DWI arrest

Drivers License Suspension

If a driver's license suspension is suspended in transition from California to other states? My friend had his driver's license suspended for child support in California. He wants to move to Virginia, and wondered if I could get a license when he arrived here. He sure if the suspension Virginia will move to Cali. So […]

Fighting A Dui

How Much Will Fighting My DUI Case Cost?

Dui Dwi

Does anyone know what happens to a person who receives the first of DWI / DUI in Missouri? I wonder if they will suspend his license, he will to jail or if you just pay a fine. For information Missouri DUI: Long Island Auto Accident Attorney DWI DUI Experts

Dui Conviction

How long does a DUI conviction stay on your driving record in Tennessee? and a DUI can be expunged? Defendant first state of Tennessee, in regaurd to mr.kuhner_us, Actually I was not driving at the time.I was in a bus when another state () officers thought it was going to leave, when in fact I […]

Dwi License

WY suspended my CA license for a DWI. Can I get a license in MS based on WY suspension. Does CA know? I did not receive paperwork from CA only Wy saying my license was suspended. Is it possible that CA is not aware and my license is still valid? No, it’s not. All states […]

Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

What questions the lawyers asked me to serve as a juror? I received a letter saying that I have to inform the jury. What are the types of questions are the lawyers going to ask me? Also, I have a conviction for drunk driving and alcohol consumption as a teenager, you think that lawyers defenders […]

Dwi First Offense

I have a question about a first DWI offense? Ok, I was apparently under the influence Thursday morning (I had a beer and an ounce 40), then tried to go to the bar with my car, of course. When I was, apparently, hit a police car (he was dizzy but I do not recall seeing […]