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DUI Defense Attorney

Is it possible to get out of a contract If I signed it while a minor? About a year or two ago I got a DUI and had to go to Virginia alcohol safety action program. I signed a contract with them saying I would not do drugs etc for a year. I recently got […]

Suspended License

Driving Suspended License Virginia Third Subsequent Offense Code 46.2-301 Maryland Massachusetts No Operators Revoked ANTWAIN LEVELLE HARRIS v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA COURT OF APPEALS OF VIRGINIA 56 Va. App. 253 May 18, 2010, Decided The record also showed that appellant had been convicted of driving on a suspended license on September 2, 2007 in violation […]

DWI Consequences

40 Ways to Beat a Dui Dwi in your State Americas Top DUI DWI Attorney Website If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI, it is obviously cause for concern—but not for despair. By hiring a quality defense lawyer who can protect your rights, there are a host of ways your case may be […]

Drunk Driving Lawyers

Why Should You Hire A Drunk Driving Lawyer NJ? A New Jersey drunk driving attorney is a specialist professional who can handle your case with the most professional approach in the court. Drunk driving accidents are very ordinary and one of the most terrible of all accidents that take place on road. A very huge […]

DWI Attorney

Finding Affordable DWI Attorney to Defend Your DWI Case Every state has a law regarding driving while intoxicated of popularly known as DWI. This is because many of the American drivers are still neglecting the fact that DWI is very dangerous not only in the life of the driver but also in the life of […]

Drunk Driving

Contact A Drunk-Driving Accident Lawyer In Los Angeles To Win Your Claim One dilemma that continues to thrive in Los Angeles, California is the number of drunk driving accidents that citizens fall victim to each year. With the numbers increasing all the time, it is becoming ever more likely that you or someone you know […]

DUI Offense

An Overview Of Dallas Dui Offense And Texas Dui Laws Charged with DUI in Dallas, leaves you with no choice other than consulting a qualified and experienced Dallas DUI attorney as early as possible. Many people think that DUI offenses are as simple as any other traffic offense. But the truth is this type of […]

Implied Consent Law

Driver’s Education Questions – Please help me!? 32. The implied consent laws state that drivers must be 16 in order to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. drivers will consent to taking a BAC test if requested by a police officer. drivers will consent to taking a BAC test if requested by a […]

DWI Accident

If you are in an accident and your found guilty with a DUI/DWI…does insurance still pay for all the damages? Yes, but it gives the insurance a good reason to drop you completely, raise your rates, or put you in high risk status. They may also require you to do an SR22 filing to keep […]

Criminal Defense Lawyers

How much is a criminal defense lawyer for 4 counts trafficking cocaine and 1 count poss. marijuana? How much is a criminal defense lawyer for 4 counts trafficking cocaine and 1 count poss. marijuana. Need to know asap. I know about public defenders. Im not an idiot. But public defenders dont do ANYTHING. He is […]