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DUI Arrest

Know the Consequences of Dui Arrest in Pennsylvania 1. Charging Process: After the police officer decides to charge you, he or she will prepare a criminal complaint and an affidavit of probable cause (usually a brief summary of the incident in narrative form) and file it with the local District Judge in whose jurisdiction the […]

DWI Defense

Lawsuit against state,violation of fourth amendment? I was arrested about a year and half ago for DWI, I was able to prove to the court that my fourth amendment rights where violated and the judge agreed with my defense also the DMV reinstated my driving privileges and agreed with the courts,this has been a stressful […]

DWI Rules

QUEENS DWI DUI DEFENSE LAWYER LAUNCHES WEBSITE TO HELP THOSE ACCUSED OF DWI DUI – As a former prosecutor and now DUI DWI defense lawyer, Michael Discioarro has reached out to the Queens community in order to provide effective defense against DWI DUI cases. Mr. Discioarro’s new website WWW.DWIQUEENS.COM provides specific information regarding how these […]

DUI Attorney

Getting the Service of a DUI Attorney Pennsylvania If you are a resident driver in Pennsylvania who has been caught and charged with a DUI case, getting yourself a competent DUI attorney Pennsylvania is one of the best actions that you could ever make. A DUI attorney Pennsylvania is someone who is an expert defender […]

Traffic Attorney

This might be a longshot. a friend (really) needs a good traffic attorney in Pierce County, WA. Any names?? I would suggest the yellow pages. Most attorneys will provide an initial consultation for free. Go talk to a couple of them, you can listen to what they have to say and decide from there. NY […]

Arrested For DUI

Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested For DUI Drinking and driving is not only illegal, but it is dangerous and can result in the loss of lives, even your own. Because of their public visibility, there have been a number of celebrities who have been in the news for being arrested for a DUI. (Driving Under […]


What is the difference between DUI & DWI? I know driving under the influence and the other is driving while intoxicated, but is one worse than the other or just different ways of saying the same thing? DWI means that you’re drunk. DUI means that you’re under the influence of something – could be alcohol […]

Felony DUI

What is the penalty for a felony DUI with great bodily injury? 1)This is the persons first time offense. 2) Had a blood alcohol of over three times the legal limit. 3) It is in the state of California. What is his most likely sentence? jail time? A violation of Veh C 23153 (driving under […]

Drunk Driving Laws

How A Drunk Driving Lawyer Can Help You Many people don’t realize the importance of drunk driving lawyer until they face a DUI charge. A drunk driving attorney can work hard to win your case. Hiring such a lawyer has several advantages. Even if you are not aware of all the benefits you should hire […]


Question about nys dwi common law opposed to an atv vtl 2404 1h? Was wondering if anyone knows about aggravated DWI and DUIi common law opposed to the nys vtl 2404 1h which is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on an atv. I cant find any information anywhere on this charge and […]