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DWI Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance for the Family Keep Family Insured for Cheap Car Insurance Rates Everyone can Enjoy Family car insurance can get expensive when the cars start multiplying.  Cheap car insurance becomes necessary to afford the upkeep and gas it takes to manage family cars.  Do what’s best for your family, and examine policy choices […]

Second DUI

If you have just recieved your second DUI. Can you move to TX and get a license in that state? No. All states run new license application. Generally, they arrest anyone trying to get a license while their license in another state is revoked. Georgia Second Offense DUI by William Bubba Head

DWI Laws

North Carolina DWI Laws Explained 1. My license was seized by the officer, or revoked. How can I get my driving privileges? In most cases, your license is revoked for a thirty (30) day period following a DWI in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, or other parts of Wake County or North Carolina.. In many cases, you […]


Dwi: Challenging the Breath Test With Source Codes In the Kingdom of Nod, a villager’s fate hangs in the balance as wise men huddle around the oracle.  The oracle will decide his fate.  The penalties exacted may be severe: freedom or servitude; the forfeiture of his worldly possessions; the payment of punitive tariffs; or a […]

DWI Record

how long will a dwi stay on record for cdl where employers can find out about it ? its been 13 years ago but the company im trying to get on with says it has to be 20 years old just wondering if they can really find out if i were to say i never […]

DUI Lawyer

Why Choosing a Good Dui Lawyer is Important The importance of retaining good Orange County DWI lawyers if arrested for driving under the influence is often overlooked and for no serious reasons. The magnitude of having good Orange County DWI lawyers on your side equals that of having the best doctor trying to save your […]

Orange DUI

Dui Charges? I was pulled over a couple weeks ago at a dui checkpoint in Orange County and took the blood test and got the results that were .08 BAC. I am not proud of this, and am willing to pay the consequences for my actions. I am wondering what that is going to entail. […]

DWI Court

Ronald Moore Pleads Not Guilty to DWI Charge Ronald Moore made his first appearance in court Monday. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. Hennepin County DWI Court

DUI Defense

I need the opinion of a criminal defense attorney? I was charged with DUI with serious bodily injury. My passenger was injured. He is going to be alright, thank god. I have no record, just a couple speeding tickets. I have an attorney, but I am looking for other opinions on the best way to […]

DUI Charges

Tuesday I have a DUI and some other charges. What could be looking for? I have a DUI, Minor in Possession, paraphernalia, and possession of the controlled substance. He had a marijuana pipe, but not loaded bags. Any idea what I'm seeing and where do I start? Regardless of the sanctions who may be looking […]